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Wild Yam Cream & Roll-on Set
  • Wild Yam Cream & Roll-on Set

    Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms for Women & Men

    Wild Yam Cream & Roll-on Set 


    Wild Yam contains a plant chemical called diosgenin. When the diosgenin in the cream is applied to your skin, the fat cells take it up and it stimulates the pathway your body uses to make progesterone (allowing your body to make its own progesterone). It works WITH your body. -Source: Barbara O'Neil


    lmbalance Symptoms for Women

    Heavy & Very Painful Periods

    Irregular or Absent Periods

    Fibroids or Polyps in Uterus

    Cysts on Ovaries - Cervical Cancers

    Lumps in Breasts - LOH of Muscle Mass

    Fibrous Tissue in the Breasts

    Breast Cancer - Uterus Cancer

    Depression - Thyroid Problems

    Heart Disease - Night Sweats - Hot Flashes

    Infertility - Mood Swings - Irritability

    Bloating - Weight Gain or Loss

    Thinning/Loss of Hair - Insomnia

    Unusual Hair Growth - Low Sex Drive

    Skin Issues Fatigue or Loss of Energy

    Persistent Acne - Digestive Issues


    Imbalance Symptoms for Men:

    Low Sperm Count

    Penile Dysfunction

    Inconsistent Erections

    Prostate Problems

    Hair Loss - Loss of Muscle Mass

    Memory Loss - Loss of Sex Drive

    Enlarged Breast Tissue

    Adrenal Fatigue - Heart Disease

    Hypo or Hyper Thyroidism

    Unexplained Weight Loss

    Excessive Sweating ~ Depression

    Brittle or Weak Bones

    Increased Thirst ~ Irritability

    Anxiety - Frequent Urination

    • Cautions & Directions

      WOMEN: Apply a pea size amount in a circular motion twice a day (am & pm) to neck, chest, inside of wrist or stomach rotating to areas each time you apply. Use for 3 weeks and take the week off during menstruation (take 1 week off If you are no longer menstruating) MEN: Apply a pea size the morning daily, without taking a break.

      Do NOT use if pregnant or nursing or if you have seizure disorders. Consult your health care provider prior to use.

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