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Wild Lettuce Extract

Wild Lettuce Extract

Botanical Name: Latuca virosa


Known to be Effective for: Pain Relief Diuretic ~ Respiratory Issues ~ Asthma ~ Migraines ~ Whooping & Dry Cough ~ Insomnia ~ Soothes Stress & Anxiety ~ Sedative ~ Effects Relieves Muscle Tension & Pain ~ Poor Circulation ~ Topical Antiseptic ~ Urinary Tract Infections ~ Atherosclerosis (Hardening of the Arteries) ~ Treats Over-Excessive Sex Drive

Fun Fact: Wild Lettuce herb is also known as the "compass plant" as its leaves change direction to follow the sun.

  • Caution

    Avoid if pregnant or nursing. Avoid use in small children. Avoid if driving or operating machinery, have glaucoma, prostate disease, or if you are taking any relaxant medication. This tincture should be taken up to 7 - 10 days, then take a week off then take again as needed. CONSULT YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER BEFORE STARTING HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS

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