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Meadowsweet Extract

Meadowsweet Extract

Botanical Name: Filipendula ulmaria


Meadowsweet herb known benefits are as follows: Powerful Pain Reliever ~ Anti-Inflammatory ~ Antimicrobial ~ Antibacterial ~ Promotes Circulation & Respiratory Health ~ Soothing for Pain, Digestion, Ulcers, Headaches & Arthritis ~ Diarrhea Remedy ~ Excellent for Stomach Upset & Nausea ~ Fights Skin Inflammation & Signs of Aging ~ Prevents Urinary & Bladder Problems ~ Heartburn Relief ~ Prevents Buildup of Uric Acid ~ Effective Against H. pylori Diuretic ~ Boosts Immune System ~ Acne Fighter

Fun Fact: Meadowsweet's salicylic acid properties were synthesized into acetylsalicylic acid by Bayer to make their drug called aspirin.

  • Caution

    Consult with your healthcare provider prior to use, especially on pain medications or have a sensitivity to sulfite or salicylate (allergic to aspirin). Avoid if pregnant or nursing. Use caution if you have have asthma.

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