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Colloidal Silver 2 ounce spray

Colloidal Silver 2 ounce spray

Unlock The Key To

Total Body Healing With Nature’s

Most Potent Antimicrobial.

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is the suspension of sub-microscopic silver nano-particles in water. Silver is an ancient and natural all-purpose healing agent. It wipes out bacterial infections in a safe and clean manner, without compromising our immune system like antibiotics do.


History of Colloidal Silver:

Before the invention of antibacterial soap, colloidal silver was used as a disinfectant. Silver is effective at both preventing and combating bacterial illnesses and infections because it does not corrode. In ancient times silver was used in wound dressings and it was frequently used for the same purposes in America following the Civil War. It is also why churches use silver chalices in Communion to stop disease spreading through the congregation. 


Silver was used medicinally in the mid-20th century to treat disorders such as epilepsy, gonorrhea and colds. It was also used in the past in eye drop solutions for ophthalmic issues. Compounds of colloidal silver were used topically as an antiseptic, germicide and disinfectant agent. Early 20th Century western medicine used silver as a prime antibiotic and anti-fungal until the 1930s. Then antibiotics became a major source of Big Pharma revenue.

Studies Suggest that Colloidal Silver is overall effective at:

~Kills fungal infections, viruses and bacteria. Scientists in the 1980’s discovered 650 different types of pathogens that were rapidly destroyed when exposed to small amounts of silver.

~Use topically to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by inflammation and swelling, speed up healing and aid in recovery.

~Soothes and cure eye infections like pink eye, conjunctivitis and sties.

~Treats ear infections & swimmer’s ear.

~A perfect treatment for minor cuts and scrapes. and treating burns, helps speed the repair of damaged tissues.

~Effective when used as a nasal spray, treating sinus infections.

~Ability to fight bronchitis or pneumonia

~Gargling with silver is a fantastic way to pick up and remove the pathogens in your throat causing you all that pain!  Brushing with it destroys pathogens.

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