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Cleavers Extract

Cleavers Extract

Botanical Name: Galium aparine


Astringent ~ Diuretic ~ Blood Purifier ~ High Vitamin C Anti-cancer ~ Anti-oxident ~ Anti-inflammatory Known to be effective for: One of the Best Cleansing Tonics ~ Swollen Lymph Nodes ~ Dissolves Kidney and Bladder Sediment ~ Cysts Dissolves Lymphatic Congestion ~ UTI's ~ Cancer ~ Stimulates Bile Production ~ Excellent Skin Cleanser Respiratory Congestion ~ Eczema ~ Psoriasis Dermatitis

Fun Fact: It is said that Velcro was developed from studying this herb.

  • Caution

    Keep out of Reach of Children. CONSULT YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER BEFORE STARTING HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS, especially if pregnant or nursing.

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