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Barberry Herbal Capsule

Barberry Herbal Capsule

Barberry (Berberine) 60 Count
Botanical Name: Berberis vulgaris

Barberry herb known Benefits & Support are as follows: Antimicrobial ~ Antifungal ~ Anti-Inflammatory Fights Infections ~ Manages Diabetes ~ Immune Support Aids GI Tract ~ Excellent at Cleansing Liver & Gallbladder Improves Heart Health ~ Lowers LDL Cholesterol Reduces Uric Acid ~ Chronic Candidiasis ~ Treats Diarrhea ~ Eases Indigestion,UTI's Heart Health ~ Detoxes Blood ~ Promotes Eye Health ~ Treats Skin Disorders ~ Treats Anemia ~ Eases Side Effects of Chemotherapy

  • Warnings and Directions

    Consult with your healthcare provider prior to use, especially if you take any medications. AVOID if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Not for children under 12 years of age. Do not use for more than a week at a time without the supervision of your doctor.

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