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How It All Began...

My name is Christine LeBlanc Forcha and I am the proud mother of six wonderful children (three of my own (Christopher, Joshua, and Katelyn) and three step-children (Bobby, Jacob, and Emily).  I have been blessed with the opportunity of being a stay-at-home mom—the most important job in the world, taking care of my family (with working “part-time” outside of the home) since my second born.  My interest began with alternative medicine about a decade ago while my youngest son was having severe reactions in his physical and mental state from reactions to ADD medication causing him to have suicidal thoughts along with a myriad of other side effects.


I began researching the pharmaceutical drug he was taking and was shocked at the kinds of side effects he was experiencing that I could visibly see and concerned with the harm it was doing to his overall health.  At that point, I became a mom on a specific mission!


From then on, I have tenaciously researched alternatives in helping my son with his ADD.  In my research, I had started to discover many things that just didn’t sit well with me, as a mother, and as a human being.  I also have helped my 86 year old grandmother eliminate over 16 prescribed pharmaceuticals with proper diet, vitamins, and herbs.  My father, who passed away in 2014, had melanoma cancer.  I tried to influence and help him with my knowledge, but he was stuck in the indoctrinated mindset that a chemical poison could heal him.   


I had begun to make changes with “baby steps”, since 2006, to improve on our family’s diets, eliminate toxins, etc., all of which have led me to herbal studies.  I have done research to incorporate my knowledge of herbology, toxins, pharmaceuticals, natural alternatives, etc. into a business to give the general public an alternative natural choice that is transparent in listing ingredients and reassuring them a brand they can trust whole heartily, while educating mankind on healthier choices and by waking the those who have had “the wool pulled over their eyes” for so long.  I plan on extending the knowledge learned for a better future for all, here on Earth, as well as bringing an awareness and respect for nature.   


In 2014, my husband, Robert (Bobby) Forcha, joined into the business and into my life.  I proudly gained three more wonderful children and, as of just recently, have two granddaughters.  Bobby has always supported my passion and has also showed deep interest in “coming on board” to assist me, making this passion within himself as well.  We both work together manufacturing handcrafted all-natural, non-toxic products with the utmost care and moral stature.  If it’s not good enough for our family, then it’s not good enough for anyone else’s family.  How we manufacture, what ingredients are chosen, and how it’s packaged, from start to finish, is important to us!  All products we make are tested on our family first.  


We, The Joshua Tree, Company, USA, are committed to you, our extended family, to offer products that give a “no-worry” purchase without any ingredients that can do harm, basic ingredients that you can read and pronounce, because what you put on your skin is equally important as what you put in your mouth.  We are Purity on Purpose!  


Christine LeBlanc Forcha, Certified Herbalist


The Joshua Tree Company, USA

All-Natural Skin and Body Health Care

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