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The Story of “The Joshua Tree”

(Found in Exodus 15 in the Bible)


After crossing the Red Sea, Moses and the children of Israel were leaving Egypt to head into the desert. At one point they wandered for three days without finding water suitable to drink. Even as the Israelites murmured behind his back, Moses pleaded with God for help. Shortly after, God provided a Joshua Tree as an answer to his prayer. Moses threw the tree in into the water and it was made sweet (drinkable).

Hello, I am Christine LeBlanc Forcha, founder of The Joshua Tree Company, USA.  God has continually provided a "Joshua Tree" for my family through many personal trials, tribulations, personal and environmental injustices. While the "Joshua Trees" have taken many forms over the years, the naturals you will find in our products have been a "go-to" over and over. In our products you will find only the most pure forms of oils, butters, herbs and all for your skin!

Just as many years ago God provided the children of Israel with the "Joshua tree" - Today He continues to provide many earthly naturals to remedy what ails us.

These products were made possible by Our Heavenly Father.


Read Christine's Blog here.

Christine & Robert
- Owners


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