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Cinchona Bark Extract

Cinchona Bark Extract

Botanical Name: Cinchona officinalis


Known to be effective for: Malaria ~ Fever ~ Infections ~ Inflammation Indigestion ~ Weak Digestion & Stomach Issues Blood Vessel Disorders ~ Leg Cramps ~ Cold/Flu Joint and Muscle Pain ~ Varicose Veins Cancer ~ Insomnia ~ Throat Diseases Hemorrhoids ~ Enlarged Spleen

Fun Fact: Cinchona Bark is native to South American rain forests like the Amazon.

  • Caution

    DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT OR NURSING. DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE ULCERS or MYASTHENIA GRAVIS. CONSULT YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER BEFORE STARTING HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS. Cinchona can slow blood clotting. Stop using 2 weeks before surgery Discontinue use if ringing in ears, deafness, skin rash or visual disturbances occur.

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