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Joining Forces

The story that actually got the ball rolling into high gear: Bobby and I have known each other for many years. He watched my passion grow through the years and has always been very supportive in my studies and research. His eyes were as opened as mine when it came to the toxins that all of us are exposed to on a daily basis. His passion combined with my passion has grown and together, it’s stronger than ever. Along with God’s timing and intervention it brought us together on a personal level. With both of our passions together, we decided to become partners in business as well —-which makes it twice as good. We are building a business of transparency, high-quality, all-natural products that people can trust. Our ingredients are not from some “high-tech” words/chemicals that you can’t pronounce. They are from nature….“Nature’s Gift”, if you will. Together, we promise to produce a product that you can trust and with no hidden agendas. We will NOT cut corners. Only the best for our family, only the best for your family!

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